Rich Harvest Public School located in A-1 Janakpuri is an English Medium, co-educational, Senior Secondary school recognized by Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT, Delhi and affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) vide affiliation no: 2730266. It is managed and administered by Smt. Kaushalya Devi Memorial Educational Society.

SCHOOL NAME : Rich Harvest Public School
SCHOOL MOTTO : Radiant, Harmonious & Spectacular
CAMPUS AREA : 2.24 Acres
CLASSES : Pre- School to XII
POSTAL ADDRESS : A-1 Block, Janakpuri, New Delhi- 58
TELEPHONE NO. : 25619922, 41573653 (SENIOR BRANCH)
41058588, 25555294 (JUNIOR BRANCH)
EMAIL : richharvestschoolmail@yahoo.com
SCHOOL WEBSITE : www.richharvestschool.com

An efficient ‘Grievance Redressal Mechanism’ exists in the school to deal with the grievances of parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders.

1 Ms. Neha Gandhi Principal
2 Ms. Beenu Relan Incharge

Similarly, ‘The Sexual Harassment Committee’ has also been constituted and action is being taken as per the guidelines issued by the Appropriate authority.

1 Ms. Neha Gandhi Principal
2 Ms. Beenu Relan Incharge
3 Ms. Reena Sharma Incharge
4 Ms. Kavita Teacher


We, at R.H.P.S. are very much cautious about the safety & security of our children and it has always been given prime importance in the school. Some of the safety practices, which are already being followed in the school.

  • The school building is well equipped with CCTV Cameras (80 in senior branch & 64 in Junior branch) at all vulnerable points & are functional at all times.
  • We have walkie-talkies with our In charges & administrative staff to save the time during emergencies.
  • No outsider is allowed to enter the school building during school hours without prior permission. Visitors record is maintained at the gate to log the details of the person entering the school.
  • Parents I-card is mandatory for the school entry.
  • We don’t accept lunch/any eatables/chart paper/any other material from anybody during school hours after the child has entered the school.
  • Wearing I-Card is compulsory for all the staff & authorized person. Nobody is allowed in the school premises without I-Card.
  • There are separate washrooms for students (Girls & Boys), teachers and support staff (with proper entry in the register). Every floor has the required lady support staff near the washroom area.
  • Proper verification of all support staff is done before appointing them.
  • All the office staff & other support staff is confirming his/her presence by giving a missed call to the higher authority as they reach school in the morning.
  • All the staff members are depositing their mobile phone at the reception. They are not allowed to carry their phones with them, so that they can pay proper attention to the students only.
  • Regular meetings are conducted with all our staff members regarding the importance of student safety in the school.
  • We don’t tolerate any kind of bullying/teasing/fighting/abuse. Regular announcements are made to reiterate this message to the students. Strict action is taken in case of any such incident.
  • Students are regularly informing their teachers regarding all the petty issues & teachers are doing entering those issues in the complaint registers & solving them properly.


  • At the end of every month class teacher is filling a class report after inquiring about the Classroom status, Academics & behaviour.
  • Students can discuss & inform their class teacher about any confidential information regarding any physical abuse/harassment/suspicious/unusual behaviour of anyone around them (like: bus/van driver/helper/maid/rickshaw puller/any relative/cousin/neighbour/shopkeeper/tuition friends).They should not hesitate & must inform their teachers immediately.
  • After that Class teacher submits the report to the respective incharge(s)for rechecking & required follow ups, so that every petty issue is resolved fully to the students/parents satisfaction. Later on, Incharges are submitting these reports to the higher authorities.
  • At our school reception, proper record is being maintained for all kind of issues & all phone calls are recorded for the safety purpose.

It is the need of the hour that we work together to maintain a healthy & safe atmosphere for our children to counsel and guide our children in matter pertaining to their safety & security. We both want our children to be happy & safe and grow in a conducive environment. We assure you that we are very vigilant. Together we will continue working with faith in each other towards safe & secure upbringing of our children.